Final theses


  • Bachelor thesis: May 24, 2024 (final version for the supervisor until May 10, 2024)
  • Diploma thesis: April 19, 2024 (final version for the supervisor until April 5, 2024)

General Instructions for Writing a Thesis

The TU organizational directive on electronic works is obligatory for faculties and also students of TU Košice. This directive sets out the procedures for ensuring a unified process of writing final theses.

Methodical guidelines of the Ministry of Education for final theses: HERE

Instructions of the University Library for registration of the final thesis and its submition for printing: Here

Department requirements for final theses and guidelines for elaboration:

After the registration of final thesis, student will enter a request for its printing and binding. This will be provided by the University Library (UK TUKE) online, without the need for a personal visit.

Student submits at least 2 copies of the bachelor/ diploma thesis for prining. One copy is needed for archivation in the UK TUKE. The second copy will be needed during the final state examinations. After the state examinations, your bachelor's/ diploma thesis will be returned to you. DCI does not archive the final thesis.

Scientific article and article in the KPI Magasine

Along with the diploma thesis students deliver one of the following article types:

  1. 6-pages long scientific article in the proceedings template in english
  2. or web contribution to the KPI Magasine in slovak presenting the diploma thesis for the professional public

Articles do not have to be tied together with the thesis and delivered no later than one week before the defence. Bear in mind that the oponent (reviewer) needs to include the article in the review, therefore it is better to deliver as soon as possible.

In case a student does not deliver at least one article type, (s)he is not entitled to receive a mark better than C from the oponent. On the other side, delivering any article is not a sufficient condition for obtaining a better mark. In case of bachelor theses, the article is voluntary.

The new rules can be found in the Moodle system in the Diploma project 2 subject.

Structure of the attached CD

The content of the CD attached is to be divided into the following directories (as needed):

  • doc - final thesis and adds in readable form (PDF)
  • tex - source files of the final thesis (LaTeX, doc, docx etc.)
  • lib - documentation for the source code (e.g. JavaDoc)
  • bin - executable, e.g. installable version of the created software (e.g. bin, exe, apk etc.)
  • src - source code of the created solution (projects, source codes, configuration files, etc.) without build (classes, bin)

If the created solution is composed of several parts (e.g. server and client side) in separate projects, then these are to be placed in separate subdirectories in the src directory.

Dissertation exams in the doctoral study program

The limit of the dissertation defence is 20 minutes. Part of the dissertation exam is a discussion on the dissertation theses.

Topics of questions for the state exam subject

Fundamental scientific knowledge of the study program Informacs (doctoral study) are part of the doctoral study plan.

Written theses for the dissertation exam

Submission deadline to the supervisor: the end of november