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Extrapolations 2016

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of informatics in Slovakia the goal of Extrapolations is to present the history of slovak information technology and to speak about the future of informatics. KPI has a stand-alone exposition in Košice's Slovak Technical Museum. More about Extrapolations at the official web pages.

Study program Informatics I. in the hundred most perspective programs

Informatics I. belongs among the 100 most perspective study programs in Slovakia as results from the surveys of the national European project Undergraduages to practice, Universities as engines of knowledge society development, ITMS code 26110230120 2015.

Head of the department and our students in radio Regina

On Monday, 15.2.2016 our head of the department doc. Ing. Jaroslav Porubän, PhD. and our students bc. Matúš Hozza and bc. Viktor Hanko were guests of the Guest of the Radio Regina program. They reacted to questions about their studies, linkin study with practice and about team projects. Recording can be found at

The light at the end of the TU(nnel)KE (Department of Computers and Informatics)

Consideration about the changes in the innovated study program called The light at the end of TU(nnel)KE (Department of Computers and Informatics) from our student of 3rd year, Filip Lukáč.

Live IT projects 2016 in the media

Photos and video recordings