Evaluation and metrics of domain usability

Usability makes the work with user interfaces better and more effective in all domains. Domain usability is an aspect of general usability, which deals with the domain content of user interfaces from the terminological point of view. If there are incorrect terms in the user interface, or it contains grammatical or stylistical errors, its usability is lowered.

The main goal of this project is to design a method and tools, which would support the development of usable user interfaces from the domain point of view. This way we want to contribute to the development of better and more human-friendly user interfaces.

This goal requires the identification of methods for evaluating the usability of user interfaces and metrics, which are used in this evaluation. Consequently, the design of metrics and automatized method for evaluating domain usability of user interfaces is needed.

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Vedeckovýskumné projekty
Granty FEI UKE
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1. January 2016 to 30. November 2016