Integrating software processes into the teaching of programming

The strategic objective of the project is to search for new methods, forms and technologies enabling integration of teaching of software engineering processes into the programming courses at universities in computer science and information technology curricula. Currently, in the information technology courses, teaching of programming is often separated from the procedural aspect of software development. However, in practice, when developing software systems the technologies, principles and processes are inseparable and they are applied systematically throughout the whole software development process. Based on the current state of teaching at universities, in this project we will systematically focus on exploring new methods and forms of teaching software development courses, which would allow teaching of programming, technologies and processes of software development as a single harmonious unit. Building on the previous statements, we propose that the innovation of content of many software development courses is equally important as the creation of tool support that relieves teachers from uncreative and time-consuming tasks. To support programming teaching methods in the area of designing and developing tools, we will focus on the issue of simulation of software engineering process during student’s development of a software product. In the project solution, the simulation will represent members of the project team, including project manager, who will monitor and supervise the completion of tasks and procedures in the context of the defined process. The tool support will enable automation of providing immediate feedback for students, thus providing the teacher more time for individual approach to the student.

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Vzdelávacie projekty
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1. January 2016 to 31. December 2018