Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs

MIDIH "Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs", is a "one stop shop" of services, providing industry with access to the most advanced digital solutions, the most advanced industrial experiments, pools of human and industrial competencies and access to "ICT for Manufacturing" market and financial opportunities.

MIDIHs will leverage networks of local Competence Centres, each specialised in peculiar aspects of the CPPS/IIOT (Cyber Physical Production System / Industrial Internet of Things) technologies and able to attract, mentor and nurture local Manufacturing SMEs towards Industry 4.0 projects, experiments and business. A common platform of knowledge, methods and collaboration tools will be shared among the MIDIHs network and allow cross-border fertilisation, continuous improvement, open innovation.

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Vedeckovýskumné projekty
H2020 - Factories of Future cPPP
ID number: 
767498 - MIDIH
Duration of the project: 
1. October 2017 to 30. September 2020