Pattern based domain-specific language development

Domain-specific programming languages (DSL) provide a way to reduce the gap between problem solution described in terms of domain and its implementation executable by computer. Development of such languages is, however, still complex and tedious task.

The goal of the project is to design methods and tools that would support development of DSLs using formalized patterns — well-established solutions to common problems. Patterns would represent knowledge in the area of language design and implementation in a form that can be easily applied to development of a new language.

This would require identification of common patterns of language design and implementation and design of methods and tools for their utilization during development process. This includes methods for language specification based on pattern selection and combination and also automatized suggestion of patterns suitable for solved problems.

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Vedeckovýskumné projekty
Grant FEI
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Duration of the project: 
1. January 2017 to 31. December 2017