Update of computer networks curricula based on needs of practice

The objective of this project is to update computer networks curricula at three Slovak technical Universities based on actual needs of practice. A dynamic development in the fields of network technologies and updated needs of industrial certification require a change of the content scope of lecturing and practical trainings. The secondary goal of this project is to create a cooperation platform among FIIT STU, FRI UNIZA, and FEI TUKE for exchanging content bases, knowledge, pedagogues, and students by means of common courses, summer schools, and practically oriented seminars and trainings. The achievement of this project and cooperation is a higher quality product -student with a high level of proficiency, better prepared for practice. The mutual exchanging of pedagogues and PhD students will support mutual ties and will reinforce the possibilities of the future scientific and pedagogical cooperation. This project will establish a new shared educational content for university students, implement into the education new items of multimedia content, collaborative tools and it will improve practical trainings as a precondition of better preparation of graduates for practice.

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Vzdelávacie projekty
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Duration of the project: 
1. April 2017 to 31. August 2019