Virtual-reality technologies in the process of handicapped persons education

The project focuses on the use of advaced methods and virtual reality technologies as progressive technologies in HCI (Human Computer Interaction) context for better, easier, faster and more attractive understanding of handicapped peoples education in those directions, which are characterized by tighter concepts. The project is a conceptual continuation of the previous pilot project. First goal is the creation of experimental workplace for validation of these technologies with subsequent impact to special pedagogical praxis. Next goal is a creation of software and support means of presentations either for desktop computers or mobile devices and the creation/extension of web page to access the developed software, procedures and examples. Particular attention is given to link these technologies with the educational process in the hearing-impaired persons and persons with multiple disabilities. It is assumed that this way will get better, faster and easier to understand the basic communication methods for these peoples, it increase their ability to correct practical application and integration into modern information society.

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Vzdelávacie projekty
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1. January 2015 to 31. December 2017