Implementation of Modern Methods and Education Forms in the Area of Security of Information and Communication Technologies towards Requirements of Labour Market

The increasing development of information society and its globalization is growing proportionally with the need to appropriately secure information and communication technologies. In this context, in the area of computer security there is an increasing demand for highly qualified professionals, where the current demand exceeds the offers of the labor market. Such a disproportion exerts high requirements on education in the area of security of particular university study programs. In order to successfully handle such a task, it is necessary to consider specialized university courses within the educational process along with an arising need for a close relation between particular courses of the study program. It may be expected that the deepening of the mutual relation between Informatics courses and the computer and software engineering, regarding security issues of the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), will result in the increased quality of student preparation of the Informatics program. This is why the strategic goal of this project is to search for new methods, forms and technologies to transfer knowledge from the area of security to courses of the other study programs, using a suitable platform towards strategic requirements of the labor market. The solution will be implemented regarding the main goals, namely the innovation of the study Informatics program at the DCCI FEEI TUKE towards the issues of the ICT security, technical ensuring of the new education form in selected courses, and the creation of guides and examples for a practical application of the security knowledge towards the other courses. Students will be able to implement pragmatic project tasks, defined by the corresponding course, with a practical usethe result. As expected by the research team, this will have a positive impact on the quality of the education in the Informatics study program.

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Vedeckovýskumné projekty
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1. January 2017 to 31. December 2019