Semantic Modeling of Component-Based Program Systems

The main goal of this project is to investigate the construction and behavior of component-based systems to ensure their reliability and desired behavior. To ensure the reliable execution of a complex program system composed of components, not only its static construction but also its dynamic behavior plays an important role. Thus the meaning of the basic concepts has to be precisely understood and rigorous rules have to be followed. However, while the construction of component-based program systems is well described in various publications with respect to practical aspects for working programmers, only a few publications define the construction of component-based systems formally. This research is based on the expertise of the Slovak partner on the categorical semantics of programs, on the expertise of the Austrian partner on logical system modeling and analysis, and on the fruitful cooperation of both partners in a previous collaboration project.

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Akcia Rakúsko-Slovensko, SAIA, iniciatívny projekt
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1. marec 2020 do 28. február 2021